Publish dateSunday 5 January 2020 - 18:21
Story Code : 199773
Over 300 killed, 20,000 injured in Afghan traffic accidents in first half of 2019
As many as 326 people were killed in traffic accidents in Afghanistan during the first half of 2019, authorities said on Sunday.

Around 20,000 people were injured in the incidents between January and June of 2019, said Nizamuddin Jalil, a spokesman for Public Health Ministry.
He said that 4,000 traffic accidents happened during the period, meaning on an average 22 accidents happened daily.
Accidents are common in Afghanistan which has some of the most dangerous roads in the world.
Officials usually cite negligence among drivers while reporting the incidents.
In capital Kabul alone, 600 traffic accidents were recorded during the past nine months, according to Abdul Ghani Rasekh, an official at the city’s Traffic Department.
Most of traffic accidents happen on highways. Public Health Ministry officials said that ambulances were ready on highways to assist victims from collisions.
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