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Pakistan court annuls Musharaff's death sentence

A Pakistan court on Monday annulled the death sentence handed to former military ruler Pervez Musharraf, ruling a special court which found him guilty of treason last year was unconstitutional, a government prosecutor told AFP.
Pakistan court annuls Musharaff

The original ruling had marked the first time a former leader of the armed forces had faced such a sentence for treason in Pakistan, where the military maintains strong influence and senior officers are often considered immune from prosecution.
It caused huge controversy, with Musharraf -- exiled in Dubai -- slamming it as a "vendetta", and the military expressing its disappointment.
A High Court in the eastern city of Lahore ruled it "illegal" on Monday.
"The filing of the complaint, the constitution of the court, the selection of the prosecution team are illegal, declared to be illegal... And at the end of the day the full judgment has been set aside," the prosecutor representing the government, Ishtiaq A. Khan, told AFP.
"Yes, he is a free man. Right now there is no judgment against him any longer," Khan added.
Musharraf's lawyer, Azhar Siddique, also told media outside the court in Lahore that it had "nullified everything".
The prosecution now has the option to file a new case against Musharraf with the approval of the federal Cabinet.
However Saroop Ijaz, a senior lawyer in Lahore who is not affiliated with the case, said that unless the High Court orders the government to do so in its detailed verdict, he doubts any further action will be taken.
The case was initially filed by former premier Nawaz Sharif, he explained -- not the current government of Prime Minister Imran Khan, whose "political view is absolutely clear -- they don't want to pursue this case. They took a very clear position after the special court's ruling."
Khan is believed to be close to the military, and several members of his government had condemned the special court's ruling when it was first announced last year.
Source : Afghan Voice Agency(AVA)
Monday 13 January 2020 17:53
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