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Taliban militants kill Islamic cleric in Herat

Local officials in western Herat province said that the Taliban fighters have assassinated Abdul Salam, a religious scholar in Kuhsan district of the province.
Taliban militants kill Islamic cleric in Herat
“The incident took place on Sunday night in Zindajan village, where the Taliban have approached Salam’s home and opened fire on him in front of his family.” Jilani Farhad Provincial Governor’s Spokesman said on Monday.
According to him, the killers have succeeded an escape from the area. “Police are investigating the incident.” The Taliban group has not said anything at this point.
Earlier, Head of the Department of Hajj and Religious Affairs of Pashtoonkoot district, was shot dead by Taliban fighters in Pashtonkoot district of the province.
Herat is among insecure province in western Afghanistan, where the Taliban have an active presence and carry out subversive acts against the government officials.
Tuesday 4 February 2020 04:37
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