Publish dateSunday 9 February 2020 - 01:21
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More than half of Afghans have no access to electricity – Integrity Watch Afghanistan
According to the latest research by the Integrity Watch Afghanistan, lack of proper governance in the sector of energy caused 65% of Afghan residents not to have access to electricity.
The research shows that the slow development of the energy sector is a major reason for the slowdown of the economy and it promotes corruption.
Sayed Ikram Afzali, Chief Executive of the IWA said, “If the problems in the energy sector continue, the economy’s growth will slow down. Eco-life problems will get worse and out of control.”
The research shows that the Ministry of Energy and Water doesn’t legally assign executive tasks to the electricity company, water supply company, and urban canalization.
Mohammad Naser Timori, manager of communications and litigation said, “Afghanistan’s plan for 2020 to give access to governmental power for 56% of Afghans has been applied only up to 35%. The Ministry of Water and Energy failed in their plans.”
The research has been conducted by interviewing people and government officials.
Officials in IWA said that there were major issues in the sub-stations and the water dams adding that the construction of the projects hasn’t been done properly.
The Ministry of Energy and Water, however, rejected the allegations stated through the findings of the Integrity Watch Afghanistan.
Shekib, spokesperson of the MoEW said, “The Ministry of Water and Energy is fully committed to its promises in terms of managing Afghanistan’s water and energy. The work is properly in progress.”
Afghanistan now has the capacity to generate 519 megawatts of power, comprised of 51% thermal and 49% water energy.
Afghanistan yearly imports around 2,000 megawatts of power from the neighboring countries – in 2018 alone, $255 million were spent to buy electricity.
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