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Peace deal to be signed next week: Taliban sources

Sources close to Taliban say that all conditions of the reduction in violence were observed, announcing that they would sign a peace deal with the United States on Saturday February 29th.
Peace deal to be signed next week: Taliban sources
Jalaluddin Shinwari, attorney general in Taliban government (1995-2001), said Wednesday that the deal would be signed in the Qatar capital city of Doha, where Taliban and US negotiators talked for 10 times.
According to Shinwari, foreign ministers of 27 countries had been invited to attend a ceremony planned to be held for the signing.
Taliban leadership ordered their fighters to stop attacking on the Afghan and foreign forces across Afghanistan since Saturday to observe the seven-day long reduction in violence. The government and international troops were also called not to launch operations against the insurgents.
Meanwhile, Sayed Akbar Agha, a former Taliban commander, said that the militants observed all the conditions of reduction in violence. He also said that the deal with the United States would be signed within a couple of days.
Agha said that tens of high-ranking foreign officials had been invited to the ceremony scheduled to be held in Qatar.
He added that 5,000 Taliban inmates would be freed from government detention soon after the US peace deal was signed and later on, the intra-Afghan dialogue would be held.
The reduction in violence that satisfied the three parts of war, encouraged the US to sign an agreement with the Taliban.
Dawlat Waziri, former army general, said that the three sides needed to seriously monitor the implementation of reduction in violence and prevent other terrorist groups from damaging the process.
No serious security incident has been reported yet since the process began on Saturday.
Thursday 27 February 2020 13:59
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