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Herat Factory Produces 60,000 Face Masks Daily

A newly launched mask-production plant in Herat produces over 60,000 masks daily as the demand and price for masks have skyrocketed following the spread of the coronavirus in the province.
Herat Factory Produces 60,000 Face Masks Daily
According to the Ministry of Public Health, the masks produced at the factory in Herat are of quality and could help prevent the spread of the coronavirus.
This comes as mask prices have increased threefold in the province after the first case of coronavirus was reported a few days ago.
Herat’s Governor Abdul Qayoum Rahimi said the market for masks will be closely monitored.
“If anyone charges unfair prices for the masks, they will face penalties,” said Rahimi.
Shortage of masks supplies has been reported in various countries where patients have been afflicted with coronavirus.
However, the World Health Organization suggests that medical masks cannot protect against the new coronavirus when used alone.
In fact, WHO only suggests wearing a mask if you have signs of sickness, like fever or difficulty breathing.
The virus is so small that it can penetrate the masks, says medical health experts.
Saturday 29 February 2020 12:36
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