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CE Abdullah meets with NATO chief

Afghan Chief Executive Abdullah Abdullah met NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg today in Kabul and discussed the peace process and NATO’s long-term commitment to Afghanistan.
CE Abdullah meets with NATO chief
The Executive Office in a statement said that CE Abdullah has welcomed Stoltenberg’s visit from Kabul and praised NATO’s presence and assistance to Afghanistan in fight against terrorism.
“I praise NATO’s presence alongside the Afghan people in this day which is a historic day. It is time to thank NATO for its longstanding role in combating terrorism and its sacrifices in Afghanistan,” Abdullah said.
In the meantime, the NATO chief for his part said, “We are pleased to be here with you on this historic and important day in Kabul. We hope that this step will pave the way for permanent peace and stability in Afghanistan.”
“We continue our presence and assistance to the Afghan Armed Forces based on our commitments. This presence and assistance is conditional on improving the situation in Afghanistan, and until then, we are with the Afghan government,” he added.
Saturday 29 February 2020 15:12
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