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Security forces hit hard in Ghor insurgent ambush

Taliban killed at least 13 Afghan security personnel during an ambush in Ghor province, with several others wounded, local officials said. It is alleged that 20 Taliban rebels have been killed in the firefight.
Security forces hit hard in Ghor insurgent ambush
Sputnik quoted local officials in Ghor saying that 13 security forces were killed in a Taliban attack.
Talking to news agencies, district chief of Shahrak said that the insurgents staged an overnight attack Sunday night on a security outpost on Herat-Ghor highway near the Shahrak district. Rebels engaged in a firefight with security forces for several hours.
“Fighting ended with 13 soldiers killed and six more injured,” he said, adding that more than 20 Taliban insurgents were killed in the battle.
He mentioned that the Taliban burned 2 Humvee tanks belonging to security forces and took another tank as bounty.
The Taliban have not commented on this so far.
Tuesday 17 March 2020 09:33
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