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Government’s new scheme to help laborers, implement lockdown

The Afghan government speaks of a new scheme to help the poor, laborers and make the city lockdown possible to slow the coronavirus outbreak down.
Government’s new scheme to help laborers, implement lockdown
Following the plan of curfew in the capital Kabul, the government has decided to form a committee to reach out to the poor.
Presidential Advisor Waheed Omer says, “A committee led by the governor of Kabul and membered by representatives of various governmental bodies will be formed to reach out and aid the poor in the time of the lockdown which may extend further.”
On the other hand, some members of parliament believe that providing help for the poor is a difficult task because people will find it hard to believe that food will be provided on their tables.
MP Nilofar Ibrahimi said, “A different and long term procedure should be devised to help the poor because one never knows how long the coronavirus problem will last. People, who labor outside on daily bases to provide food for their families, are not sure whether the food will really be provided for them. This is serious.”
On one hand, poverty in the country has had people go out of their homes every day and work to win bread for their families, on the other, the curfew in the city has made it even challenging.
Sayed Nemat, a laborer, says, “The government doesn’t care for us. I work up to AFn200 daily and buy food for my family. Now the police do not let us work. We don’t know what to do?”
Sayed Nemat’s little daughter, Hasina, who is concerned about the situation, says, “If my father doesn’t work and make money to bring food for us, what will we do? We are poor.”
The coronavirus pandemic has added to the problems of the people, especially the poor. If the administration proves unable to tackle the situation and meet people’s problems, the country will face a severe humanitarian crisis.
Monday 30 March 2020 09:15
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