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Deal with US Has Been ‘Violated’: Taliban

The Taliban in a statement on Sunday said the deal that they signed with the US on Feb. 29 has been "violated" in clear instances by the United States and its allies.
Deal with US Has Been ‘Violated’: Taliban
In their statement, the group connected the violation of the deal to the delay in the release of 5,000 prisoners from the Afghan government’s custody and claims of attacks on Taliban targets even in non-combat areas, operations on civilian areas by Afghan and US forces, airstrikes on inappropriate and on civilian areas, attacks on Taliban members in areas where they are not engaged in fighting, and some violations in Kandahar, Helmand, Farah, Kunduz, Nangarhar, Paktia, Badakhshan, Balk and other parts.

The group called on the US to abide by the agreement and to ask its allies to fully implement the accord.
The Taliban in the statement claimed that it has reduced its attacks in cities and has abided by the agreement.
The group says they can attack any outpost of the Afghan government until there is a separate agreement on a ceasefire as a result of intra-Afghan negotiations.

The Taliban in February agreed to a one-week reduction in violence leading up to the signing of the peace deal, during which time attacks by the group were significantly reduced. However, violence increased after a delay in the prisoner release, which was mentioned in the US-Taliban deal.

The Afghan government has agreed on freeing some of the prisoners through a gradual process, and based on other conditions.
Source : Afghan Voice Agency(AVA)
Sunday 5 April 2020 15:21
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