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Pompeo to Afghan leaders: Make a deal with Taliban or risk full troop pullout

During his visit to Kabul two weeks ago, US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo told President Ashraf Ghani and his political rival Abdullah Abdullah to resolve their differences and make a deal with the Taliban or US could not only cut $1 billion in financial aid to Afghanistan but also could pull all of its troops out of the country, NBC News reported Tuesday.
Pompeo to Afghan leaders: Make a deal with Taliban or risk full troop pullout
The political impasse in Kabul has frustrated US President Donald Trump who personally signed off on the new stern message during a meeting with Pompeo before the latted arrived in Kabul on March 23, the report said citing unidentified senior officials.

Ghani and Abdullah are locked in a feud over leadership after a disputed election last year.
The US signed a peace deal with the Taliban five weeks ago, but prisoner releases and intra-Afghan talks agreed in the deal have faced delays.

Pompeo told Abdullah that he must support Ghani, according to officials. He said the president expects “one team, one fight” out of Kabul, according to the report. Pompeo also said Ghani and Abdullah would be held responsible if Trump's peace deal fails, and noted that Trump has followed through on other threats to withdraw troops and pull financial aid.

Pompeo said in a statement two weeks ago that the US was “disappointed” in Ghani and Abdullah and that “their failure has harmed U.S.-Afghan relations.”

He announced that US was cutting $1 billion in aid to Afghanistan due to their failure.
Source : Afghan Voice Agency(AVA)
Tuesday 7 April 2020 17:27
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