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Around 2,000 Taliban prisoners to be released

President Ghani initiated a process to release up to 2000 Taliban prisoners as a good will gesture in response to the Taliban’s announcement of a three-day ceasefire, said Sediq Sediqqi. President Ghani urged the Taliban to release the Afghan forces in their custody.
Around 2,000 Taliban prisoners to be released
Ghani urged the Taliban not to damage people saying that “killing each Afghan will be irreparable.”

According to Ghani, the Afghan government is ready to start direct Talks. He said that the negotiating team to represent all people of Afghanistan is ready.
Ghani believes that the real winner of the peace talks is the people of Afghanistan, therefore he urged the Taliban to stop violence and damaging civilians.
Post US-Taliban peace deal, the Afghan government released up to 1,500 prisoners of the Taliban, in response the Taliban also released up to 200 prisoners of the government.
The government had stopped the process due to the increase in violence level.
Monday 25 May 2020 09:25
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