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Investor Promotes Italy-Sourced Strawberries In Kandahar

An investor from the province of Kandahar is trying to promote the cultivation of strawberries by introducing an Italian type in the area. He says that he has been growing them in greenhouses on his 12 acres of land.
Investor Promotes Italy-Sourced Strawberries In Kandahar
He said there are a "few varieties" of berries from Italy, and now, after a short period of time, they are ready to be harvested.

“I have planted strawberries in a number of farms besides the greenhouse in Kandahar, all which have shown good results.” Said Samiullah Agha, the owner of the greenhouse.
Furthermore, a number of residents in the province of Kandahar say that the market is suitable for strawberries.
“If they offer up to 200 kilograms daily to the markets, the fruit will be sold at a reasonable price,” said Samiullah, a resident of Kandahar.
Meanwhile, officials from the Department of Agriculture and Irrigation in Kandahar say that the Italian strawberries yield twice as much as the local strawberries.

They further state that the weather in the province is fit for growing strawberries and they are working to encourage more investment in the sector.
“It's a very lucrative fruit that currently has high demand in the Kandahar markets, so we are trying to promote more cultivation of strawberries in the province,” says Hafiz Sayed, the head of Kandahar’s Department of Agriculture and Irrigation.
Strawberries are one of the most valuable fruits in the world. Several agricultural experts say that their cultivation in Kandahar can be a suitable alternative to poppy cultivation.
Source : Afghan Voice Agency(AVA)
Tuesday 2 June 2020 11:13
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