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Afghan embassy in US offers explanation on $1.8 million wall project

Afghanistan's embassy in Washington in a statement on Monday offered an explanation about $1.8 million construction project following collapse of wall surrounding the facility.
Afghan embassy in US offers explanation on $1.8 million wall project
A report by a local news agency in Afghanistan had previously suggested that the embassy had rejected a company’s offer to build the wall for $88,000.
The embassy's statement said that the eastern border wall surrounding the embassy had collapsed in March last year due to heavy rainfall and routine wear over a 91-year period.
The collapse caused extensive damage to embassy grounds and damaged the structure and foundation of a neighboring building. In addition to the near total collapse of one of four embassy border walls, the integrity of two additional walls were compromised and needed to be restored during the course of repairs, the statement said.
The embassy said that $88,180 bid from JG Construction Company was for debris cleanup and temporary protection measures, not for reconstruction of the wall. The offer was rejected due to legal complications, it said.
KADCON Corporation was awarded a contract for debris removal and construction after the National Procurement Authority reviewed bids from six companies. The entire process was handled in coordination with the Ministry of Finance, in compliance with Afghan laws and in accordance with American procurement laws.
The embassy said that the construction and cleanup cost around $1,586,000, legal counseling $150,000, surveying $12,750, technical advice on structural engineering $64,839 and soil testing $12,250.
Source : Afghan Voce Agency(AVA)
Monday 13 July 2020 12:13
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