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Traffic Accident In Herat Leaves 11 Died

At least 11 people died of a traffic accident Wednesday morning in Herat province, local officials said.
Traffic Accident In Herat Leaves 11 Died
Jelani Farhad, governor spokesman, said that the accident occurred early morning on the Herat-Kandahar highway in the Adraksan district.
The accident occurred when a passenger bus hit another minibus.
Three women are among the dead, Farhad said.
According to Farhad, six were injured in the accident.
Mohammad Ibrahim, head of Herat's ambulance service, said that the accident victims were brought to the Herat regional hospital.
The health condition of some of the injured people is critical, Ibrahimi said.
Source : Afghan Voice Agency(AVA)
Thursday 1 October 2020 13:16
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