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Emmanuel Macron: Russia should not be humiliated

خبرگزاری Afghan Voice Agency(AVA) , 5 Jun 2022 - 11:30

French President Emmanuel Macron has advised that the exit should not be blocked by "humiliating Russia". And Ukraine is outraged by his remarks, and in response to France has said it will work with Kiev to seek to oust Russia.

Afghan Voice Agency (AVA), Mr. Macron believes that ignoring Vladimir Putin and closing the exit route is a fundamental mistake.

Some European leaders and observers in Ukraine, including Mr. Macron, have expressed concern about the consequences of Moscow's exaggeration, but Ukrainian Foreign Minister Dmitry Kolba has reacted sharply to the French leader, telling Kiev allies: "It's better to focus on how to stay put and let Russia humiliate itself".

Emmanuel Macron is one of the few European leaders who is in constant telephone contact with Vladimir Putin, trying to persuade the two sides to cease fire and come to the negotiating table.

France's attempt to keep talks with the Kremlin is different and somewhat at odds with that of Britain and the United States.

Ukraine's Foreign Minister Kolba wrote on Twitter: "The advice to avoid humiliating Russia only results in humiliating France and any other country that has such a position."

At the same time as global condemnation of Russia, Kyiv says Moscow should not ask Ukraine to come to terms with the occupation of part of its territory.

Mr. Macron had previously said in a controversial speech to a French local media outlet that Vladimir Putin had "isolated himself" and isolated himself from the international community.

Supporting Mr. Macron's remarks, Italian Prime Minister Mario Draghi also said Europe needed "credible and effective negotiations".

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