Publish dateSunday 5 June 2022 - 14:41
Story Code : 253823
Putin: Dealing with Western weapons and military weapons in Ukraine is like breaking a hazelnut
In a statement broadcast on Russian television, Russian President Vladimir Putin described the confrontation with Western weapons and military equipment in Ukraine as "breaking a hazelnut."
Afghan Voice Agency (AVA), In a speech broadcast on state television on Saturday, Vladimir Putin likened Russia's defeat of Western weapons in Ukraine to the breaking of a hazelnut.

Putin said Russian anti-aircraft guns would simply shoot down Western weapons in Ukraine, and that targeting them for Russian weapons was like breaking a hazelnut.

Asked about US weapons in Ukraine, the Russian president added: "Russia has repeatedly confronted these weapons and is easily able to defeat them."

Russia did not mention Ukraine's weapons, but the government has repeatedly stated that it has easily destroyed fighter jets and missiles used by Ukraine in various situations.
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