Publish dateThursday 9 June 2022 - 10:41
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Putin: Inflation is controlled in Russia
The Russian president announced the success of his government in curbing inflation and solving the country's economic problems.
Afghan Voice Agency (AVA), Russian President Vladimir Putin says his government has managed to control inflation by stopping rising prices in the country.
"Since the second half of last month, price increases in Russia have stopped completely and inflation has now reached zero," Putin was quoted as saying at a meeting on economic issues, according to Reuters.
Annual inflation in Russia fell from 83.17% in April to 17.4% in May.
Putin's remarks come as Western nations, after the start of the Ukraine war, hoped to stall Russia's economy and lead to collapse by imposing extensive sanctions in all areas, including sanctions on Russian banks and depriving it of Swift services. .
Although Western sanctions against Russia initially led to inflation and economic problems in the country, Kremlin officials gradually prevented the devaluation of their national currency by adopting measures such as paying for gas sales to foreign countries in rubles, their national currency.
Source : Reuters
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