Publish dateMonday 13 June 2022 - 15:02
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The Israeli army will not win future military battles
A veteran general of the Israeli army, while pointing to the weaknesses of the Israeli army, stressed: "If this situation does not change, we will not win future wars."
Afghan Voice Agency (AVA), "Ishaq Brick", a former general of the Zionist army and former chairman of the Military Complaints Committee, spoke on Channel 14 about various issues.
Criticizing the situation of the military units and barracks of the Israeli army, Brick said: "The behavior and performance of the Israeli military is not based on the duties they have, and they are failing in this regard."
Announcing that he had recently visited some military units, he added: "During these visits, I clearly saw the lack of motivation, frustration and lack of concern for military discipline."
"If these conditions do not improve, the army will not make progress and will not win any military battles in the future," Brick said.
General Brick had recently warned about the weakness and inability of the Zionist army, saying that the existing problems would cause many to lose their lives if the Zionist regime entered any future war.
He had stated that the Zionist regime would face the worst-case scenario if it entered into a full-scale war.
According to this Zionist general, the Zionist army is not ready to enter the war and at the same time the commanders and military officials do not pay attention to the shortcomings and problems in the army.
Ishaq Brick stated that any war in the future will lead to very high casualties and in this war, on average, 3,000 missiles are fired daily from several fronts towards the occupied territories.
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