Publish dateSaturday 18 June 2022 - 12:32
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Consultation of US and Tajik officials / security of Tajikistan-Afghanistan border is going to be increased
The US Central Command (Centcom) has announced that General Michael Kurilla met with the President of Tajikistan and other high-ranking officials. According to the US agency, important security issues, including improving the security of Tajikistan and Afghanistan border, were at the issues of the talks.
Afghan Voice Agency (AVA), US Central Command (Centcom) says it is ready to train and equip Tajik security forces to defend its borders.
During a two-day visit to Dushanbe, Gen. Michael Kurilla, Commander of US Central Command (Centcom), met with Tajik President and senior security officials to discuss important security issues, including improving border security.
"Tajikistan's strong borders are vital to the security of the whole of Central Asia," he said.
Kurillah also clarified that security co-operation with Tajik security forces is focused on the fight against terrorism and border security operations.
CENTCOM’s support for Tajikistan includes the installation of ground sensors, telecommunications equipment and patrol vehicles for Tajik border guards.
Gen. Kurilla stressed that the US Special Forces have gained extensive experience in the fight against terrorism over the past 20 years and can share that experience with the Tajik Armed Forces.
General Kurilla assured Tajik officials that assistance to Tajikistan will continue. "I am committed to the national sovereignty and territorial integrity of Tajikistan," he said.
However, after the Islamic Emirate took control of Afghanistan, the Tajik government has repeatedly expressed concern about the possibility of insecurity on the border with Afghanistan.
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