Publish dateMonday 20 June 2022 - 15:33
Story Code : 254542
71 telecommunication sites will turn active in Zabul
According to Zabul officials currently 49 telecommunication sites are operational in the province which is not enough, within launching new sites the shortage will be meet all over the province.
Afghan Voice Agency (AVA)_Monitoring, The director of telecommunications Mawlavi Abdul Hadi Yahya said that there are 45 sites operational in the capital of the province, Sheenkai, Saoori, Shah Jui, Arghandab, Khak Afghan, but people in Shamalzai, Nawbahar, Atghaz, and Dae Choopan districts still do not have access to telecommunication services.

Based on the request of the people a survey has been conducted for the restoration of telecommunication sites in all districts and areas, he said.

Nawbahar resident says many administrations consecutively vowed to provide them with telecommunication service but failed to succeed so far.
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