Publish dateWednesday 22 June 2022 - 09:54
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The former leader of Daesh was the Turkish intelligence service
A former Iraqi military analyst has revealed that the former Daesh leader was from the Turkish intelligence service and was carrying out Ankara's expansionist project.
Afghan Voice Agency (AVA) - Monitoring: "Adnan Al-Kanani", a retired Iraqi brigadier general and military analyst, commented on Turkey's support for terrorism and some political parties in Iraq and the connection of Daesh leaders with Turkey to implement the country's development plans in Iraq. Regarding Turkey's project to occupy and control Iraqi territory, it will not have any deterrent effect on what Ankara is doing in northern Iraq.
"Turkey was a safe country for Daesh terrorist elements before 2014," he told Al-Maluma. "Abdullah Qardash is one of the recruits of the Turkish intelligence service who became one of the leaders of the Daesh terrorist group in Iraq, and his brother is the liaison officer between the Turkish intelligence and Daesh in Iraq and Syria."
He stressed that even some political parties inside Iraq are supported by Ankara, and that members of these parties now hold important government positions in Iraq. In addition, there is a kind of concealment by some security and military commanders with the aim of finding obstacles to disrupt any project that could force the security forces to counter Turkey's advance.
Earlier, news sources reported that Abdullah Qardash, known as Abu Ibrahim al-Quraishi, the leader of the Daesh terrorist group, had been killed during a military operation involving Iraqi intelligence forces in the Syrian city of Idlib.
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