Publish dateMonday 27 June 2022 - 10:54
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EU aid to Ukraine is more than aid to Africa
Russia Today TV reported that the EU's aid to Ukraine exceeds the EU's aid to Africa.
Afghan Voice Agency (AVA), "Somali people are dying of hunger, the United Nations warned before the start of the G7 summit," This has resulted in a reduction in funding from Somalia to European countries. Somalia is currently facing a severe famine. Somalia is part of a major crisis on the African continent.
Although Somalia, South Sudan and Kenya have requested $ 6 billion in aid, only 3% has been achieved. UNICEF estimates that 8 million children across the Horn of Africa are at risk of starvation. "The European Union is committed to helping deal with the food crisis in Africa, but it is far less than the aid it has provided to Ukraine."
In West Africa, one in four people is food insecure. Nearly thirteen million children are currently starving on the continent. The European Union has spent about $ 1.8 billion to tackle famine in Africa. "The union has spent twice as much in Ukraine in the last four months alone."
EU foreign policy chief Josep Borrell has accused Russian President Vladimir Putin of trying to fuel world hunger by forcing the EU to lift sanctions.
"We cannot imagine that there are millions of tons of wheat left in Ukraine," said EU foreign policy Chief Joseph Borrell. This is while the people of the world are suffering from hunger.

​​​The president of the African Union, Maki Sal, called on Brussels to provide the necessary assistance for the import of chemical fertilizers and cereals to Africa.

"European sanctions have made the situation worse," he said. We want to pay the costs. But the situation has become impossible and difficult. We call on the Europeans to consider a similar mechanism for oil and gas.

"The EU has so far insisted that its sanctions against Russia do not cause famine in Africa."
"To alleviate hunger and famine in Africa, the focus must be on emergency food aid," said one economist. We have to help the vulnerable people in the camps. Many people have been displaced by the conflict. We must provide financial assistance to the countries so that they can improve their agricultural situation.

We must try to provide these countries with their own food, because in addition to food aid, you have to give people job opportunities. Africa has the capacity to become an economic power. But it must be provided with the necessary financial resources and opportunities. European countries and the United States and Canada must support African countries. They must provide solutions to reduce poverty. They need to increase job creation. "They need to provide opportunities for governments to participate in social development."
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