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The Russian Foreign Ministry summoned the Norwegian charge d'affaires

30 Jun 2022 - 15:25

The Russian Foreign Ministry summoned the Norwegian ambassador to Moscow and informed him that Russia would face "retaliatory measures" if it did not lift sanctions on the transfer of goods to the Svalbard archipelago.

 Afghan Voice Agency (AVA) - Monitoring: Russia announced on Wednesday that restrictions imposed by Norway will impede the transfer of goods to Russian settlements in the Arctic Archipelago of Svalbard.
According to Reuters, the Kremlin has threatened to retaliate against Russia if Oslo does not resolve the issue.
Svalbard is located halfway between the northern coasts of Norway and the North Pole and is part of Norwegian territory. But Russia has the right to exploit the archipelago's natural resources under a treaty signed in 1920. Some of the inhabitants of these islands are Russians.
Although Norway is not a member of the European Union, it imposes EU sanctions on Russia. It is said that the sanctions will not affect the carriage of goods by ship to Svalbard, but the problem is that many shipments are first controlled at a checkpoint and enter Norway, which closes its doors on the goods.
The Russian Foreign Ministry announced that it had summoned a Norwegian official in protest of the restrictions, which it said disrupted the delivery of vital goods, including food and medical equipment.
Calling the situation "unacceptable", the Russian Foreign Ministry warned that "unfriendly" actions against Russia would lead to retaliation.

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