Publish dateSaturday 2 July 2022 - 14:48
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Mossad spies in Turkey
Mossad has sought to spy on Palestinian resistance leaders living in Istanbul through recruitment operations in Turkey.
Afghan Voice News Agency (AVA) - Monitoring: "Al Jazeera" television channel, following the revelations about the behind-the-scenes agreements between Israel and the Arabs, in a documentary program entitled "Ma Khafi  Azam" (What is hidden is greater), announced that the Mossad organization of the Zionist regime He sought to spy on the leaders of the Palestinian resistance living in Istanbul through the operation of recruiting people and forces in Turkey.
In this documentary program, it is stated that a network of mutual agents and mercenaries managed to expose the activities of Mossad and its agents in Turkey.
In this documentary program, Al Jazeera pointed out: Turkish intelligence services monitored the movements and efforts of a network of agents and mercenaries to reveal Mossad's plans and programs.
In its documentary program, this network has received documents that reveal the transfer of money (remittance) by Mossad officers to one of the people recruited in Istanbul.
In this program, it is mentioned that Mossad officers have facilitated the obtaining of visas from the consulates of European countries in Istanbul for people and elements who have been recruited by Mossad.
This program published a document from a Mossad officer while facilitating the conditions of obtaining a visa for one of the agents of this organization from the Swiss Consulate in Istanbul, but the Swiss Consulate in Istanbul reacted to the "Ma Khafi Azam" program (what hidden is bigger) ​, ​announced that we do not comment on the visa process.
The documentary also showed exclusive footage of two Mossad officers captured by a double-mercenary in Turkey during a meeting with them in an Arab country.
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