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The UN Secretary General's concern about the inhumane consequences of the war in Ukraine

3 Jul 2022 - 9:29

Antonio Guterres; Referring to the war in Ukraine, the Secretary General of the United Nations warned that the crises caused by this war will cause the spread of inequality and the increase of social divide in the world.

Afghan Voice Agency (AVA), Antonio Guterres; The Secretary General of the United Nations has said that the global crises, including food, energy and finance caused by the war in Ukraine, have hit the countries that have been involved in the effects of the Corona pandemic and the climate crisis in the last few years.
He added that these crises have stopped and even reversed the growing convergence between developed and developing countries.
Speaking at the UN Ocean Conference in Lisbon, Portugal, Guterres told the Guardian newspaper that his biggest concern is how global problems are widening the gap between the rich and the poor.
He added that what is worrying is that we are living in a perfect storm. Because all crises fuel the dramatic increase in inequality in the world and the serious deterioration of the living conditions of the most vulnerable populations.
Earlier last month, the head of the UN's World Food Program warned that dozens of countries dependent on Russian and Ukrainian wheat are at risk of starvation and riots and political violence linked to rising global food prices.
The general secretary of the organization added that among all the crises the world is facing, the climate crisis is the most serious. He said that countries' focus on the war in Ukraine has greatly hindered the handling of this crisis.
He added: We must do whatever is necessary so that the climate issue is placed on the collective agenda of countries as the most important issue again, because the issue is beyond the planet, and human life is at risk.
This is while the beginning of the Corona pandemic and Russia's invasion of Ukraine, global crises, including the food crisis, have intensified and pushed other crises to the sidelines.

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