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Afghan Pine Nut Exports Drop

4 Jul 2022 - 9:22

Exports of pine nuts from Afghanistan have declined in recent months.

Afghan Voice Agency(AVA)_Monitoring, Traders in Khost said that the pine nuts could spoil if shipments remain in warehouses for too long.

“In the past, pine nuts were being exported to Pakistan, China and other countries at a high price,” said Anwar, a trader in Khost. “Now the routes are closed. The route to Pakistan is closed.”

According to the Khost Pine Nuts Traders Union, the price of pine nuts has declined by 50 percent and they don’t have proper facilities to preserve it.

“In the past, pine nuts would either go to China or Pakistan,” Gulkai, head of Pine Nuts Traders said. “It not only spoils, but also loses weight.”

Local officials in Khost acknowledged that pine nuts traders are facing challenges, but say they are working to resolve the problems.

“The Islamic Emirate has tried to help reopen the routes, but there are some issues which are in the hands of others only,” said Shabir Ahmad Osmani, the provincial head of information and culture in Khost.

Recently, China promised to reactivate air corridors with Afghanistan to facilitate importing of pine nuts and other dried fruits from Afghanistan.

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