Publish dateTuesday 5 July 2022 - 10:25
Story Code : 255258
Saudi air facilities for the Zionist regime
In the latest case of cooperation with the Zionists, Saudi Arabia allowed the flights of this regime to pass through its airspace to the east.
Afghan Voice Agency (AVA), Arabic 21 news agency, citing Hebrew-language media, announced that Zionist planes will pass through the country's airspace with the permission of Saudi Arabia when flying to eastern countries. This license accelerates flights to Australia and Japan.
Previously, Saudi Arabia had given permission to the planes of "Irandia" airlines that intended to cross the country's airspace to travel to the occupied territories, which is the first progress recorded in the improvement of relations between Riyadh and Tel Aviv. After that and the signing of the Abraham Agreement between the Arab countries and the Zionist regime, Saudi Arabia agreed to allow all the Zionist airlines to fly through its airspace towards Bahrain, the UAE and countries that have normalized their relations with the Zionist regime. .
Not long ago, the Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Zionist regime, Yair Lapid, in a conversation with the Zionist Army Radio, announced that the normalization of relations between Tel Aviv and Riyadh will be a time-consuming and cautious process, but it will eventually happen and it will be different from other agreements. .
 While praising the stubborn policies of the Saudi crown prince, the Zionist media announced that he is changing the identity of Saudi Arabia and moving towards an open compromise between Riyadh and Tel Aviv. Mohammed bin Salman is doing something that no other country is doing and apparently everything is changing, including the flag and the national anthem of this country.
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