Publish dateSunday 17 July 2022 - 08:56
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Yemen Defense Minister: If the war continues, we are ready to fight
The Minister of Defense of the National Salvation Government of Yemen said that if the Saudi aggressors want to seek deception and the continuation of the war, we are ready to deal with them.
Afghan Voice Agency (AVA) - Monitoring: Major General "Mohammed Nasser Al-Atafi" during his visit to the battle fronts in the "Khab and Al-Shaaf" axis along with Brigadier General "Abdul Hakim Saree" the commander of the Yemeni resistance forces, pointing out that the opportunity to achieve a just and honorable peace for Aggressive coalition countries have been provided.
According to Al-Ahed news report, the Minister of Defense of the National Salvation Government of Yemen said: If the aggressor countries want to move in this direction, there is an opportunity and we are ready, but if they take the path of deception and continue the war, the Yemeni people are ready to fight back.
Referring to the stability of the Yemeni people and their victories in this war, he said: The achievements and the progress of affairs in more than seven years of war, considering the huge difference between the military and financial power of the aggressor coalition countries and the prosperity of the Yemeni resistance forces, are more like a miracle. Great victories have been achieved with the help of God and with the tact, courage and sincerity of our revolutionary leaders and military command.
Major General Al-Atafi said: The existence of the Zionist regime, which British colonialism established in Palestine in 1948, is subject to decline and destruction, and this regime understands the certainty of the end of its burden, and therefore, colonialism (to try to prevent this destruction) and the end of Kheft Bar), created puppet powers in the region such as the aggressive coalition government, which provided all kinds of economic, political, cultural and media benefits for it during successive decades, and now with direct military intervention, especially in Yemen, in Pursuing your goals.
The Minister of Defense of Yemen emphasized to the aggressor coalition countries and their supporters that God has honored us with a unique leadership in the history of nations and a nation resistant to aggression and occupation.
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