Publish dateSunday 17 July 2022 - 09:19
Story Code : 255761
America and Saudi Arabia emphasize on supporting the education of girls in Afghanistan
In a joint statement, the President of the United States and the Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia announced their support for the provision of women's rights, girls' education and the fight against terrorism in Afghanistan.
Afghan Voice Agency (AVA) - Monitoring: Joe Biden; US President and Mohammed bin Salman; In a joint statement, the Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia emphasized on supporting the needs of the people of Afghanistan, security, fighting against terrorists, ensuring women's rights and educating girls in this country.
 The statement added: "The heads of the United States and Saudi Arabia declared their support for the continuation of humanitarian aid to Afghanistan, meeting the needs of the Afghan people, the rights of women and girls, including the education of girls, raising the level of health services and the right to work for women."
This joint announcement of the United States and Saudi Arabia is issued while the Islamic Emirate has been blocking the gates of girls' schools above the sixth grade in Afghanistan since the resumption of power in Afghanistan.
It should be said that Joe Biden; during an official trip to the Middle East, the American president met with the officials of the Zionist regime and Saudi Arabia.
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