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Third earthquake in Afghanistan

19 Jul 2022 - 9:20

According to the United States Geological Survey a third earthquake of 4.8 was recorded in northern Badakhshan.

Afghan Voice Agency(AVA)_Monitoring, The first quake, a 4.3-magnitute, struck near Jurm district in Badakhshan just after 4pm local time on Monday. The second, a 5.1 quake, happened just before 5pm and the third, also in northern Badakhshan struck at 7.08 pm.

Video footage of the 5.1 quake shows plumes of dust rising from the already earthquake-devastated Gayan district in Paktika province. By early evening, reports indicated dozens of homes had been damaged and at least 10 people injured.
No reports of damage or injuries have as yet been reported following the other two earthquakes.
One NGO already attending to earthquake victims from last month’s 6.2-magnitute quake in Paktika province reported their teams were on the ground at the time of Monday’s 5.1 quake.
“Our Human First Afghanistan teams were already on site providing support to victims of the quake that hit a few weeks ago and immediately began to provide life saving care and humanitarian aid,” the organization tweeted.
Monday’s 5.1 and the 4.8-magnitude quakes were both felt in Kabul, while the 5.1 was felt as far away as Islamabad in Pakistan.

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