Publish dateTuesday 19 July 2022 - 11:22
Story Code : 255858
Sanaa: The continuation of the attacks will have serious consequences
A senior official of Sanaa government warned the Saudi coalition that the continuation of the attacks will have serious consequences.
Afghan Voice Agency (AVA): According to Yemen News, a senior official of the Sana'a government warned the Saudi coalition led by Saudi Arabia that if the siege continues and the fighter attacks continue, there will be serious consequences and the war that will start it will not be limited to Yemen and will have more serious and comprehensive damages.
Abdul Malik al-Ajri, a member of the negotiating team of the Sana'a authorities, posted a tweet on his user account and wrote: "Efforts to prevent the progress of the peace process and the extension of the ceasefire in the current form are a futile effort that will have the opposite result and will lead to disappointment and failure. It will be accompanied."
Referring to the violation of the ceasefire in Yemen by the Saudi coalition, Mohammad Ali al-Houthi said: The ceasefire will not last forever, except with the victory of the Yemeni people and the complete lifting of the siege and the cessation of attacks by the Saudi coalition.
News sources reported that the Saudi coalition has violated the ceasefire in Yemen's Hodeida province 181 times in the past hours.
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