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Female entrepreneur in Kandahar

27 Jul 2022 - 9:09

One successful female entrepreneur in Kandahar has for the past four years run an all-women company.

Afghan Voice Agency (AVA)_Monitoring, Saqi Jan set up her business that makes shampoo, soap and detergents four years ago at a cost of 400,000 AFN.

She now employs 15 women, she said, adding that her staff are happy to have jobs as their salaries help feed their families.
Saqi Jan said however that due to financial constraints she has been unable to expand her business.
“It has been four years that I run this company and women work for me and I set up this business for 400,000 AFN,” she said.
According to her staff, the income they earn is not that much but they said it helps them overcome financial hardships.
These women said it is also important to them to work so as to play a role in the economic growth and prosperity of the country.

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