Publish dateSunday 31 July 2022 - 13:38
Story Code : 256392
Remnants of a Chinese space rocket landed in the Indian Ocean
The remains of a large Chinese rocket entered the atmosphere at 12:45 pm local time and landed in the Indian Ocean.
Afghan Voice agency (AVA): The United States Space Force tweeted: #USSPACECOM confirms that the Long March 5B rocket of the People's Republic of China entered the atmosphere over the Indian Ocean at around 12:45 pm GMT on Saturday.
On July 24, the mentioned rocket was sent to the Earth's Tiangong space station along with a new module. The main booster of this rocket, unlike other samples that return to Earth after launch and land safely, entered Earth orbit with its cargo and remained there as a large piece of space debris that moves at high speed until it Atmospheric gravity pulled it down in an unpredictable and uncontrolled manner.
Of course, the managers of this mission have not done anything wrong. The end-of-life method of the booster has been included in the design of the Long March 5B missile. But critics say this strategy of destroying the booster is a bit risky because the large piece of space debris doesn't burn up completely when it re-enters the Earth's atmosphere.
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