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One of the Israeli universities was hacked

1 Aug 2022 - 10:02

The Israeli college "Sapir" near the "Sderot" area of the occupied territories was the target of a cyber-attack.

Afghan Voice Agency (AVA): The Israeli newspaper "Arutz Sheva" reported that the students of "Sapir" University near "Sderot" received text messages in which it was written that their personal information was subjected to cyber-attacks.
According to this report, university officials announced: "Last night around 21:00, some final year students and graduates of Sapir College received a text message that their account had been hacked."
Sapir Faculty further added: "We would like to clarify and assure you: that the hacking of the faculty network is under the management of the College's Computing Department and we have deployed a professional consulting team to deal with this problem and we are maintaining constant contact and We support the national cyber officials."
The officials of the aforementioned faculty continued: "So far, no traces of hacking of sensitive information systems or personal accounts have been found. The database in the faculty is in accordance with the guidelines of the principles of protection of personal privacy. We will continue to monitor the situation and report developments as necessary."
This is not the first time that Israel's internet and online systems have been subjected to cyber-attacks due to weak security, and there have been reports of hacker attacks on Israel's sensitive systems before.
In one of the most recent cases, the Israeli channel "Kan" claimed that a group of Iranian hackers had infiltrated the websites of several Israeli tourist companies and had obtained the information of individuals.

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