Publish dateWednesday 3 August 2022 - 11:51
Story Code : 256563
Video / Hosseini
Simultaneously with the arrival of the month of Muharram and the days of mourning for Hazrat Aba Abdullah al-Hussein (peace be upon him), the fans of him in the city of Kabul celebrate these days by attending Hossein's mourning circles and covering the city in black. According to the citizens of this city, Muharram is the best time to sing the slogan of standing and freedom.
Afghan Voice Agency (AVA): At the same time as the month of Muharram is approaching and the days of mourning for the lord and leader of the martyrs and the leader of the free people, Hazrat Aba Abdullah Al-Hussein (AS); As in previous years, the Shia and Sunni people of Afghanistan have decorated their city and homeland with signs and motifs related to the mourning of the martyrs.
When we ask people about these big city slogans and signs, the answer is almost the same; "The western world stands against us and squeezes the throat of the Afghan people with its sanctions, but Afghans are honorable and the lesson of Ashura of Imam Hussein (AS) is honor, so Muharram is the best time to chant the slogan of standing."
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