Publish dateFriday 5 August 2022 - 16:01
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Iran identified and arrested 10 elements of ISIS
The Ministry of Information of the Islamic Republic of Iran announced the arrest of 10 Takfiri-Zionist ISIS terrorists who planned to attack Hosseini mourners.
Afghan Voice Agency (AVA): The Ministry of Information of the Islamic Republic of Iran announced today (Thursday, August 4, 2022) the arrest of 10 people related to ISIS. According to Iranian security officials, these people planned to carry out "several terrorist operations" during the Muharram mourning.
The statement of the Ministry of Information states that these people entered Iran from Turkey and Iraq and were "under surveillance" from the beginning.
According to this statement, the defendants were arrested in "two regions of the west and south of Iran, and all the explosive equipment, communication devices and weapons accompanying them were safely discovered and confiscated."
The full text of the Iranian Ministry of Information's information is as follows:
"With our condolences for the days of Allah's calamity and prayer for the acceptance of the mourning, we remind the noble nation of Islamic Iran that the unknown soldiers of Imam Zaman (AJ) in the last three days killed ten Takfiri-Zionist Daesh terrorists who intended to carry out several operations. A terrorist was arrested among the mourners of Hazrat Aba Abdullah al-Hussein (SA).
The Zionist criminal regime, after last week's great failure in the explosion of a sensitive center of the country (Iran) by separatist terrorists known as Komleh, sought to overshadow that heavy defeat and restore the morale of its henchmen, this time tried to use the Takfiri-ISIS teams. to carry out his terrorist operations in the mourning gatherings of Hazrat Imam Hussain (peace be upon him); With the prior preparation of the anonymous Mujahideen of the Ministry of Intelligence and the monitoring of mercenaries from Turkey and Iraq, they arrested Takfiri terrorists in the two regions of the west and south of the country, and they safely discovered and confiscated all their explosive equipment, communication devices and weapons.
In addition, due to the shooting of the terrorists during the arrest, two brave unknown men were injured, who, God willing, will be included in the prayers of Hosseini's mourners.
The anonymous soldiers of Imam Zaman (AJ) declare that they protect the security of the country and the peace of the people of Islamic Iran with authority, intelligence and with the sacrifice of their health and lives.
At the same time, they request the committee, Takaya and other mourning gatherings and all Hosseini mourners to pray more for the success of all the border guards and security guards of the country and the defeat of its enemies. The news headquarters of the Ministry of Information (113) or the security and police forces present at the place should report.
They also announce to the occupiers of Bait-ul-Maqdas and the takfiri-ISIS mercenaries and terrorist separatists that they will face a crushing response from the unknown victims of the great Islamic nation of Iran for their failed action.
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