Publish dateSaturday 6 August 2022 - 11:07
Story Code : 256719
Better Security on Day of Ashura
Citizens expressed concerns about security for the ceremonies to be held across Kabul and in the provinces, asking the Islamic Emirate to provide security.
Afghan Voice Agency(AVA)_Monitoring, Kabul residents said they are afraid of possible scenarios, especially after the recent incidents across the country.

“It feels more dangerous here. we call on the Islamic Emirate to cooperate with us on security,” said Haider Husseini, a tribal elder in Paktia.

Meanwhile, Kabul's Security Command called for security on the day of Ashura, saying that a commission has been established for security on Ashura.

“A commission has been established for security and we ask our Shiite countrymen to celebrate their ceremonies in Takiyeh Khana (specific places for mourning) and to not make disturbances for other people,” said Khalid Zadran, spokesman for the Kabul security department.

On Wednesday, security forces clashed with a group of Daesh in the Karti Sakhi area of Kabul. Kabul Security Command announced that four members of Daesh were killed and one had been arrested by security forces. 
Kabul security command stated that the group aimed to attack the Shiite community during the Muharram days.
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