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Celebrating Tasua Day in Kabul with Hosseini's passion and intelligence

7 Aug 2022 - 20:25

Despite the existing security concerns, especially after two consecutive bloody explosions in the west of Kabul in the past two days, Tasuai Hosseini's death in the capital was still celebrated with indescribable enthusiasm by the people.

Afghan Voice Agency (AVA) - Kabul: Speakers spoke about the philosophy of the Ashura uprising, eulogists praised the Prophet's (PBUH) family and distributed syrup in memory and name of the thirsty lips of Karbala’s Shahids, Hazrat Abbas (AS).  showed their devotion and interest towards Ashura school on this day.
The speakers called Imam Hussain's (AS) revolution a permanent, productive, guiding and path-breaking movement and emphasized that as time passes, the hidden and neglected aspects of this great and human-building revolution become more apparent.
According to them, the school of Ashura is like the interpretation of the Holy Qur'an, which is explained and interpreted according to the conditions and time, and is always inspiring in the political, social, religious and moral life of humanity in difficult and difficult situations.
From the point of view of theorists and researchers, the passage of time and no external obstacles or material factors can diminish Ashura, because this movement has the support of the Qur'an and God has guaranteed its permanence.
According to them, although the enemies of Islam throughout history tried to stop the flow of Ashura, but on the contrary, as time goes by, this huge flow is more violent and roaring than in the past in every corner of the world, it always removes dust from the face of Islam and destroys human values ​​more than It prepolates and directs free people to a good life.
Mohammad Fahimi, the speaker of Fatima Zahra Mosque (SA) says that according to the Holy Quran, whoever has faith in God and does righteous deeds, God will create his love in the hearts, Imam Hussein (PBUH) and his companions are a perfect example of this. It is the verse of Crimea, because by moving on the axis of monotheism and defending human values, justice, truth, freedom and honor, they created so much love in their hearts that until the end of the world, the cry of "Labik Ya Hossein" will resound all over the world.
According to him, the flow of Ashura is never affected by external factors and will not be stopped, because the Prophet of Islam (PBUH) announced, when he said, "For the death of Hussein (AS), the heat in the hearts of the believers will not cool forever." The fire of love for Hussein It is always on and will never turn off.
Speakers on the day of Tasu'a, in the mosques of Imam Hadi (AS), Hazrat Fatima Zahra (SA) and Imam Musa Kazem, emphasized almost the same theme, which is the increasing spread of Ashura passion in hearts, especially the presence of millions of people in Arbaeen Hosseini in Karbala and the formation of the largest Human gathering at the same time shows that the love and fervor of love for Hussain (AS) and Hussain's Karbala continues.
It should be said that Taswa day is one of the most important and historical days in Islam. Some biographers have said that this day is no less than the day of Ashura, because at least two major events have happened on this day, firstly, Omar Saad ordered a general attack on the Imam's tent, which was stopped by the Imam's request until tomorrow, and secondly, from Shamar offered Hazrat Abbas and Amannameh brothers to separate him from Imam Hussain, but Hazrat Abbas (AS) refused with full courage, honor and chivalry, and Shamar's trick was unsuccessful as he wanted.

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