Publish dateSaturday 13 August 2022 - 14:27
Story Code : 257068
4 Members of a Family lost in flash floods of Khost Province
A local officials said that a family lost Four members in flash floods in Khost, and one other was injured.
Afghan Voice Agency (AVA)_Monitoring, The family who lost lives in the floods were on their way home from Mandozi market and were suddenly trapped in flash floods on Friday.

The floods started after heavy rainfall late Friday and hit some parts of Khost. Women and children are among the victims said a Disaster Management department to Bakhtar News Agency.

The Flash floods, along with the destruction of a large bridge and road, destroyed hundreds of acres of farmland and dozens of houses and blocked many roads in that province, according to the source.

Many of those who were trapped in the floods rescued by disaster management teams in Khost so far, the Disaster Management department of the province informed.
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