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The concern of the Islamic Aid Organization about the humanitarian crisis in Afghanistan

14 Aug 2022 - 8:55

Expressing concern about the critical situation in Afghanistan, the Islamic Aid Organization says that the world needs to change its approach towards this country in order to send humanitarian aid immediately.

Afghan Voice Agency (AVA): The Islamic Aid Organization announced in a report that after the domination of the Islamic Emirate, due to economic and political collapse, Afghanistan has become the scene of one of the worst humanitarian crises in the world.
This organization added: 19.7 million people regularly go to bed hungry, which is one of the highest statistics in the world.
Mothers are cripplingly in debt to feed their children, and fathers are desperately looking for work, the report said.
This organization has also said that boys in Afghanistan drop out of school to help their families, and young girls also get married due to poverty and disability.
The Islamic Aid Organization stated: "We see markets full of food that people do not have money to buy. As unemployment rises, small businesses are forced to close, and teachers and nurses work for months without pay. "Young people in Afghanistan are increasingly afraid of the future."
The Islamic Aid Organization emphasized that the international community is obliged to prevent further suffering in Afghanistan, but a new international approach to Afghanistan is urgently needed. An approach based on the positive impact of humanitarian aid.

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