Publish dateMonday 15 August 2022 - 09:43
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Accountability of the government to the nation / 3 billion Afghanis, one year
In the continuation of the accountability process of the government to the nation, the mayor of Kabul also shared the one-year achievements of this institution with the media and said: the implementation of 181 development projects has begun and the collection of more than 3 billion Afghani in revenue; It has been one of the major achievements of Kabul municipality in the last year.
Afghan Voice Agency (AVA) - Kabul: Mawlavi Abdul Rashid Baloch, the mayor of Kabul, said in his press conference: "In order to maintain urban order, vendors' stalls have been organized and managed, concrete barriers have been removed from the city, and garbage has been moved from different parts of the city." Findings, the necessary transportation facilities have been provided with the activation of buses, and to solve urban problems, frequent meetings have been organized with people.
Mohammad Asif Jalalzai, head of planning and supervision of Kabul Municipality, also said in this conference: the work of implementing 181 development and construction projects worth 4.8 billion Afghanis in the field of road construction, surface water management, improvement of public transportation infrastructure, urban planning, area development Sabz, care of urban infrastructure and improvement of unplanned areas has started and this department has collected 3 billion and 60 million Afghanis of revenue.
According to the officials, 3018 concrete barriers have been removed from 263 areas in Kabul, the heating and cooling system of 1004 high-rise houses and 7362 trades have been inspected, 624 illegal buildings have been identified, and permits have been issued for 185 commercial, residential and typical building plans.
According to the report, 379,142 tons of garbage, 39,708 cubic meters of sewage from septic wells, and 22,904 cubic meters of standing water on the side of the road have been transferred, and 66,034 kilometers of paved roads, 106,273 meters of roadside ditches, and 23,188 meters of public and secondary canals have been cleaned.
According to this department, the zoning plan, urban development and improvement of areas 7, 10, 13, 14, 21 and 22 are arranged, survey and design of 110,500 square meters of sidewalks are completed, an electronic deed registration system is created and 200 properties are in the way of public projects. The benefit has been to establish the right of ownership and pricing.
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