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The end of the occupation and the fall of the puppet government, the positive developments of the last one year in Afghanistan
In the first year since the fall of the republic and the establishment of the Islamic Emirate, experts say that the end of the occupation and the fall of the puppet government has been one of the most prominent positive aspects of the developments of the country in the last one year.
Afghan Voice Agency (AVA) - Kabul: Political affairs expert Abdul Shakur Salangi said in an interview with AVA that the withdrawal of America and NATO from Afghanistan was one of the most prominent positive points in the country in a year. Because the long-term presence of foreign countries was unfamiliar with the political, social and historical culture and, according to many experts, it was not in the interest of Afghanistan and its surrounding countries.
From his point of view, the hostile presence of America in Afghanistan was sensitive for the countries of the region, and for this reason, there was always pressure on the people of this region.
According to Salangi, the previous government, which was completely a dependent government, was undoubtedly doomed to fall whenever America left Afghanistan, even if the Americans left Afghanistan in 2030; so it is better that an external and non-native phenomenon disappears as soon as possible.
With America's withdrawal from Afghanistan and the fall of the puppet government, Afghanistan found its way, and today a comprehensive government has been established in the entire territory of the country by internal forces and unified governance.
According to him, since Dawood Khan's coup, there was practically no central government in Afghanistan and the country had turned into islands of power and Al-Tawaifi monarchies, and even recently it had reached a point where a person named Allah Gul Mujahid, officially said that he does not accept Ashraf Ghani's government.
According to Salangi, relative security prevails in Afghanistan today, and the geography of the country has not been insecured by any group and is not out of the control of the government, and this can be considered as one of the positive points in a year.
Salangi cites the correct collection of domestic income as one of the other positive points during a year and added: Although the income may be low and not enough, if even one Afghani is collected, it goes to the government's treasury and not to individuals' pockets. .
The successful foreign policy of the Islamic Emirate
Salangi says that after the fall of Ashraf Ghani's government, we are witnessing a government in Afghanistan that has practically and publicly adopted a neutral and balanced foreign policy and is not at enmity with any party, and this can be the biggest achievement for Afghanistan after the transformation. .
Today, Afghanistan has emerged as a neutral country that does not allow its territory to be attacked and invaded by foreigners and does not want any country to be threatened by Afghanistan.
Salengi stated that in countries like Afghanistan, whenever the groups came to power, they came to life, but despite the propaganda against the Islamic Emirate about internal differences, practically and structurally, such a difference is not seen and mainly the situation is controlled in an integrated manner and by a single leadership.
Imposing social restrictions is not acceptable for the people and the world
Salangi pointed to the imposition of restrictions by the Islamic Emirate in some cases and said: blocking girls' schools, limiting the political and social activities of women, but it is not compatible with the context of the Afghan society and the world community, and it is considered a violation of the rule of the command, which should be Fix this problem soon.
At the same time, Salangi expresses optimism and says: As the authorities of the Islamic Emirate have always stated that the restrictions on women's education and activities are temporary and not permanent, this can be a promising news rather than the shortcomings that have arisen due to this.
This expert on political issues stated that the Islamic Emirate can end the controversial issue of the inclusive government with a brave action and employing expert, committed and compassionate people.
Poverty is not a new phenomenon
At the end of his speech, Salangi said that poverty did not arise with the arrival of the Taliban in the country; rather, this phenomenon also existed during the republic and the country was always at the top of the table in terms of poverty.
According to him, there is no widespread poverty as advertised by international institutions and organizations, and it is mostly to show the weakness of the government of the Islamic Emirate, but in the fall of last year, one of the international organizations announced that by the end of the year, Five thousand people die of hunger in Afghanistan, but this did not happen.
Relying on foreigners does not make anyone strong
Abdul Latif Nazari, Deputy Minister of Economy, tweeted that the most important lesson of this day is that relying on foreigners does not bring anyone to power and does not bring security to the country.
According to him, anyone who wants honor and power should rely on his nation and take advantage of the internal elements of power and unity among different strata of society.
Zalmay Khalilzad; The former US special representative for Afghanistan also said in a conversation with some media on the one year anniversary of the end of the occupation that he is happy with the end of the war and is affected by the difficult conditions in Afghanistan.
He added that the agreement he signed with the Taliban ended the war in Afghanistan.
Hamid Karzai; the former president also said in a conversation with "India Today" TV that violence in Afghanistan has decreased in the past year; But severe challenges still remain.
Karzai has expressed concern about the migration of Afghans from the country, economic problems including the freezing of foreign exchange reserves and the collapse of the system in Afghanistan.
It should be mentioned that 14 August, 2021, the anniversary of the withdrawal of foreign forces from Afghanistan, has been declared a public holiday by the Islamic Emirate.
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