Publish dateMonday 15 August 2022 - 15:40
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The false promises of America and the corruption of the statesmen were the main reasons for the fall of the republic in Afghanistan
At the same time as the first anniversary of the Islamic Emirate taking power in Afghanistan and the fall of the previous regime is approaching, the officials of the intelligence and culture of Kunduz and Jawzjan provinces say that the false promises of the United States and the corruption of the statesmen were the main factors of the fall of the previous regime in Afghanistan, and after twenty years, all of a sudden, their efforts with The land was flattened.
Afghan Voice Agency (AVA) - Mazar-e-Sharif: Matiullah Rohani, the head of information and culture in Kunduz, told to AVA today (Monday, August 15, 2022): The crimes and betrayals of the occupying US are known to the entire nation, and everyone knows that the main cause of the war and the crimes of the occupiers They were foreigners who were defeated and overthrown with the help of God and the endless sacrifices of the Afghan nation.
He added: Along with the westerners, the rulers of the Republic period engaged in corruption and filled their pockets, and these were the reasons why our country did not progress and finally all their achievements were lost and they ran away.
Also, Saifuddin Motasem, the head of information and culture of Jawzjan, said in a conversation with Ava: false promises and double treatment of America with the ruler of the government and the country's politicians, the West's non-adherence to international principles and laws in relation to Afghanistan, and the lack of correct and accurate answers. Government to the people is one of the main reasons for the fall of the republic.
He also considered the increase in instability in the implementation of laws and the creation of grounds for corruption by the government, the loss of the trust of the people of the country towards the administration of the system, and the duality in the statements and functions of the politicians of the republican system as other factors of the downfall of the republican system.
According to him, putting the people on the sidelines during the last 20 years, especially the four election periods, the lack of transparency in the four election periods, and the fact that the president was appointed by the West and not by the people's vote are also among the other reasons for the fall of the previous regime.
The head of information and culture of Jowzjan emphasized: It became clear that Ashraf Ghani was a puppet of America, autocracy in the system means that none of the ethnic elders, even the deputies of the system, were allowed to work properly and independently in the government apparatus, administrative corruption and ethnic prejudices regardless The demands of the people of the country had reached their peak, and the patience and patience of the people ran out, and the people prepared for a national uprising with the cooperation of the Mujahideen, and the government was handed over to the Islamic Emirate.
He said that despite billions of dollars pouring into Afghanistan, the lack of implementation of fundamental projects, lack of valuing of national reconciliation, and the peace committee's showmanship inside and outside the country, the republic went backwards and caused the victory of the Islamic Emirate.
Head of Information and Culture in Jawzjan said: So far, no superpower has been able to play with the fate of the Afghan people. Our people taught a lesson to the West and England a hundred years ago by launching national uprisings, even with stones and sticks; But the Americans did not know and did not understand this strong issue. But this lesson learned from the previous year about the people's cooperation was again attached by the Mujahideen like a disgraceful stain on America.
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