Publish dateWednesday 17 August 2022 - 09:07
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The Zionist regime admitted to killing 5 Palestinian children in the Gaza
By publishing a report, the Hebrew language media "Haaretz" has pointed out the recent clashes in the Jabaliya area in the Gaza Strip and its casualties. According to this report, the forces of the Zionist regime have admitted to the killing of Palestinian children, which they previously attributed to the rockets of the Palestinian resistance.
Afghan Voice Agency (AVA): Hebrew sources have revealed today (Tuesday, August 16) that the occupying army of the Zionist regime has admitted that 5 Palestinian children were killed in the bombing of the Fallujah cemetery in (Jabliyah) in the north of the Gaza Strip by this regime.
The names of the martyred children: Jamil Ehab Najm (13 years old), Jamil Najmuddin Najm (4 years old), Hamid Haider Najm (16 years old), Mohammad Salah Najm (17 years old) and Nazmi Fayez Abu Kirsh (14 years old) have been announced.
Previously, the Zionist occupiers claimed that the rockets of the Palestinian resistance were responsible for bombing and killing a number of children, but later the Zionists themselves inevitably admitted that all the killings were carried out by the rockets of the Zionist regime.
According to the Hebrew newspaper Haaretz, contrary to the initial report of the Zionist army at that time that children were martyred as a result of being hit by Islamic Jihad rockets, but the military investigation showed that these children were killed as a result of the Zionist airstrike.
According to military investigations, no missiles were launched by Jihad, and Air Force intelligence also indicates that it attacked targets in the region at that exact time.
This newspaper pointed out that the Israeli army chose not to publicly deal with this attack, so it did not publish any documents about it. However, after this incident, it was said during closed negotiations with the presence of senior security officials that these five people were martyred as a result of the air attack by the planes of the occupying regime.
This is while, in the latest case and last week, a number of Palestinian citizens were martyred and wounded by the Zionist regime's attack on areas in the Gaza Strip.
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