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Special Representative of the Islamic Republic of Iran in Afghanistan Affairs:

Iran's approach towards the new government of Afghanistan is to support the people

In an interview, the special representative of the Islamic Republic of Iran on Afghanistan has stated that his country's new approach to Afghanistan is based on the support of the people, interaction with the Islamic Emirate, along with observing the principles and considerations, and emphasizing the formation of an inclusive government.
Afghan Voice Agency (AVA): Hassan Kazemi Qomi, the special representative of the Islamic Republic of Iran in Afghanistan affairs, in a conversation with the reporter of Radio Dari, referring to the passing of one year since the Islamic Emirate took office, said: the approach of the Islamic Republic of Iran in the new era of supporting the people It was Afghanistan and in this way, he started interacting with the Islamic Emirate by observing the principles and considerations.
Kazemi Qomi considered one of the most important principles emphasized by the Islamic Republic of Iran in its interaction with the Islamic Emirate, the formation of an inclusive government with the presence of all ethnic groups and minorities and added: Iran believes that if there is no participation of other groups in the government of Afghanistan, security, stability and constructiveness in this The country will not be formed.
He added: Iran has entered into interaction with the Islamic Emirate based on the logic that the Islamic Emirate must ensure the security of its citizens and borders and address the concerns of its neighbors, considering the difficult economic conditions of Afghanistan and the blocking of people's property in the United States. If this cooperation is not formed, Takfiri groups will have more opportunities to grow and the number of Afghan immigrants in neighboring countries will increase.
The representative of Iran in the affairs of Afghanistan called the Islamic Emirate a part of the reality of the Afghan society and clarified: In the past one year, the interaction of the Islamic Republic of Iran with the Islamic Emirate has been to support the people and to move towards a cooperative government.
Kazemi Qomi also called security at the borders, securing Iran's control from Hirmand, preventing the movement of terrorist groups towards the borders, and controlling the production and smuggling of narcotics among the most important demands of Iran from the interim government of the Islamic Emirate.
Referring to the dire conditions left over from the occupation period, the 60% decrease in imports to Afghanistan and the loss of 70% of the income of the people of this country in the last one year, he said: During this period, Iran has tried to increase the longevity of the Afghan people in Afghanistan. their country and prevent their migration to neighboring countries, increase trade relations with the interim government of Afghanistan.
This Iranian official also announced the development of a plan to strengthen border security between the government of Iran and the interim government of the Islamic Emirate and emphasized that if this plan is implemented, many of the current problems will be solved, drug trafficking and illegal movement and control and the living conditions of the border dwellers. It will be stabilized and economic cooperation will expand on the border.
Referring to some border problems that have arisen in recent months on the common border between Iran and Afghanistan, Kazemi Qomi emphasized: "We have sought to establish stability and stable security at the borders, economicize the borders in the region, and in this regard We have done this to move the border situation towards economic production and the creation of a joint economic free zone.
Referring to America's crimes during the 20-year occupation and the country's attempt to fuel civil and ethnic and religious wars in Afghanistan, he continued: America's goal was to involve Iran in Afghanistan's internal conflicts, but Iran was able to do so. Take the right policy.
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