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The United Nations called China
The United Nations Human Rights Commissioner has published an investigation report of this organization on the Chinese government's treatment of the Uyghur Muslim minority, in which it revealed serious violations of human rights and human crimes against Uyghur Muslims by China.
Afghan Voice Agency (AVA): The Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights published a report on the Chinese government on Wednesday (August 31), which many Muslim Uyghur families and human rights groups have been waiting for a long time.
In this report, details of serious human rights violations by the Chinese government in Xinjiang are mentioned.
In this report, which was published moments before the end of the tenure of UN human rights official Michel Bachelet, it is stated that the actions of the Chinese government against Uyghur Muslims may be considered international crimes, especially crimes against humanity.
According to the UN report, there is evidence of a pattern of large-scale arbitrary detention of the predominantly Muslim Uyghurs in China.
China has claimed that the detention camps in Xinjiang are vocational training centers. While this claim is contrary to the reports and certificates that have been published so far.
The United States and various human rights groups say that some detainees are subjected to forced sterilization, rape, forced labor and torture.
In the UN report, possible "forced sterilization" and accusations based on "rape and torture" have been assessed as valid.
The publication of this report was delayed until now due to strong opposition from Beijing.
As of Wednesday, it was unclear whether Michel Bachelet would release the report before the end of his term.
It is written in the report that serious human rights violations have been committed in Xinjiang in the framework of the government's use of anti-terrorism strategies and countering extremism.
China has also been asked to release those still arbitrarily detained and provide details of the hiding places of those still missing to their relatives.
In this report, China is also asked for an explanation regarding reports of the destruction of several mosques, shrines and cemeteries throughout Xinjiang.
Human rights activist groups say that such actions have been carried out by China systematically in an attempt to erase the identity and way of life of the Uyghurs.
It should be noted that at the end of the month of Gemini this year, Michel Bachelet announced that he did not want to be in this position for another four-year term.
He listed his desire to return to Chile as one of the reasons for making this decision.
He has always been criticized for his response to China's treatment of Uyghurs and other Muslim minorities in western Xinjiang.
It should be mentioned that a large minority of Uyghur Muslims live in the Xinjiang province of China and suffer from systematic discrimination and anti-human behavior by the Chinese government.
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