Publish dateSaturday 3 September 2022 - 14:37
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Russia strongly condemned the recent attacks of the Zionist regime on Syrian territory
The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Russia strongly condemned the recent attacks of the Zionist regime on Syrian territory and said that the continuation of these aggressive movements will cause tension in the region on a wide scale.
Afghan Voice Agency (AVA): The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Russia condemned the continuous and illegal attacks of the Zionist regime in Syria and warned about creating military tension on a large scale.
TASS news agency wrote that, Maria Zakharova; the spokesperson of the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs announced in a statement on Friday (Sep 2): We consider similar irresponsible actions by Israel to be completely illegitimate and we firmly condemn them.
This Russian official noted that the Israeli attacks are a violation of Syria's sovereignty and the basic norms of international law.
Zakharova added: We believe that such evil actions have nothing to do with reducing security risks for Israel, but on the contrary, military destabilizing actions may trigger retaliatory actions and lead to the escalation of military tension on a large scale.
The spokesperson of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Russia has stated: We ask Israel to stop provocative actions against its neighbor Syria and refrain from any movement that exposes the entire region to threats and dangerous consequences.
The Syrian air defense countered several missiles in the sky of the city and province of Damascus last Wednesday evening. These rockets were fired by the fighters of the Zionist regime, which targeted points in Damascus.
Syrian air defenses intercepted four missiles south of Damascus, news sources said. Missiles were countered near Damascus International Airport road, Damascus-Dara'a highway and around the city (Al-Kuswah) located in the south of Damascus province.
Hours before this attack, Syrian sources had announced the attack of the Zionist regime's fighters on Aleppo International Airport located in the northwest of Syria.
The Syrian government has repeatedly announced that the Zionist regime and its regional and western allies support the terrorist Takfiri groups that are fighting the Syrian government.
So far, the Syrian army has repeatedly discovered arms and ammunition shipments made by occupied Palestine from terrorist groups based in Syria.
The fighters of the Zionist regime continuously carry out missile attacks on targets in the east and northwest of Syria by violating the airspace of Lebanon or through the occupied Golan Heights.
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