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Tebyan's 30-year activities prevented intellectual instability in the country

6 Sep 2022 - 11:05

The former head of information and culture of Balkh says that the cultural activities of Tebyan Center in the last 30 years have been very useful in establishing and managing public minds and saved the country from intellectual instability.

Afghan Voice Agency (AVA) - Mazar-e-Sharif: At the same time as the 31st anniversary of the establishment of the Tebyan Social Cultural Activities Center, Saleh Mohammad Khaliq; The head of the Balkh Writers' Association and the former head of information and culture of this province told Ava: Tebyan is a center that has always had the upper hand in doing cultural work and has done many services in the cultural fields of the country.
He added that Tebyan's cultural activities have always been special and very useful for the development of the country's culture.
Khaliq mentioned the 30-year activity of Tebyan in the country and said that the good management, tact, efficiency and efficiency of the officials of Tebyan caused this center to operate in the country for the past 30 years despite many problems and not retreat in the face of incidents.
This Balkh cultural expert emphasized that cultural activity is the need of the Afghan society in the current situation; because there is a widespread cultural invasion in the country, and the activity of centers such as Tebyan is considered an urgent need of the society.
He said that Tebyan Center has prevented the instability of minds in the country by carrying out cultural activities and the work of this center has been very effective for intellectual establishment and turning the country into a cultural space.
At the end of his speech, Khaliq said that he wants the Tebyan center to develop its cultural and social activities throughout the country and to lead the thoughts of the young generation to awakening.
This is despite the fact that 31 years ago, the Tebyan Center for Social Cultural Activities was established and three decades of activity have turned it into a cultural trend, and thousands of people have benefited from its services and training in all fields.

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