Publish dateTuesday 6 September 2022 - 11:33
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The terrorist attack on the Russian Embassy in Kabul is the work of "America" and aimed at destroying relations between Kabul and Moscow!
In response to the terrorist attack on the Russian Embassy in Kabul on Monday (September 6), the director general of the Tebyan Center for Cultural and Social Activities called this attack on diplomatic places with political goals more reprehensible than any other terrorist act, and such attacks are an attack on the territorial integrity of the country. That place is known. Hussaini Mazari called this attack the work of "America's agents" due to their hatred of the Islamic Emirate's efforts to establish peace and stability in Afghanistan, and to destroy Kabul's relations with Moscow.
Afghan Voice Agency (AVA) - Kabul: The full text of the reaction of Hojjat-ul-Islam wal-Muslimin Sayed Isa Hussaini Mazari, the general director of Tebyan Social Cultural Activities Center and Afghan Voice Agency (AVA) to the terrorist attack against the Russian Embassy in Kabul is as follows:
In the name of Allah
In any case, explosions and suicides are acts against God and humanity and cause the killing of people and destruction of the country's infrastructure, but attacking diplomatic places, including embassies, with political goals seems more reprehensible than any other terrorist act What if an attack on a diplomatic place is actually an attack on the territorial integrity of the country that owns that place. If the suicide attack in front of the Russian embassy in Kabul, in addition to killing a number of people, both compatriots and Russians, the aim is to set the boundaries of the Russian territory, and it was definitely done to destroy the relations between Kabul and Moscow, and since this country has been in power since the beginning of the Emirate. Islamic Emirate has always tried to take care of his duties in order to establish peace and stability in Afghanistan and cooperate with our Muslim nation and government. Russian diplomats also lose their lives.
I, on my behalf and on behalf of the large organizations of the Tebyan Center and Ava news agency, strongly condemned this attack, while expressing regret for the martyrdom of some of our compatriots and condoling with their families, the death of the diplomats of the great country of Russia, led by the embassy. I offer my condolences to that country and through that to the officials of Russia, especially President Putin.
Although the country's security institutions fulfill their duties in such situations, I still ask the intelligence agency of the Islamic Emirate to pay serious attention to this operation more carefully than any other incident, in order to find its internal and external factors. Dari Noorzaideh's effort, after receiving the necessary information and revealing the hidden involvement of US-related organizations in this incident, but under the name of ISIS, should be hanged in public.
Sayed Isa Husseini Mazari
General Director of Tebyan Cultural and Social Activities Center
September 6, 2022
Eyewitnesses say that at least 20 people, including two Russian diplomats, were killed and wounded in this explosion. According to their statements, the explosion occurred while the students had gone to the Russian Embassy to receive their study visas. However, the Kabul Police Command has announced the death toll of this explosion as 1 dead and 10 injured.
Russia has demanded a serious follow-up of this terrorist attack and the identification and arrest of its perpetrators from the government of the Islamic Emirate.
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